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20th May 2019

Added "Flat Share Problems"
Running time 19 minutes 16 seconds

Added 75 image photo set taken from "Flat Share Problems”

Added 158 video images taken from ‘Helping Her Sister’


6th May 2019

Added "Helping Her Sister"
Running time 23 minutes 13 seconds.

Added 76 image photo set entitled "Miss Lina Loves To Spank”

Added 106 video images taken from ‘Not A Good Idea’


22nd April 2019

Added "Not A Good Idea"
Running time 22 minutes 9 seconds.

Added 101 image photo set taken from "Not A Good Idea”

Added 94 video images taken from ‘Is Everything OK?’


8th April 2019

Added "Is Everything OK?"
Running time 18 minutes 23 seconds.

Added 99 image photo set taken from "Is Everything OK?”

Added 82 video images taken from ‘A False Claim’


25th March 2019

Added "A False Claim"
Running time 16 minutes 17 seconds.

Added 89 image photo set entitled "I Love Spanking You”

Added 103 image photo set taken from "A False Claim”


11th March 2019

Added "It’s Your Choice"
Running time 17 minutes 58 seconds.

Added 85 image photo set entitled "How Dare You"

Added 78 video images taken from ‘Disciplined Driver’


25th February 2019

Added "Disciplined Driver"
Running time 19 minutes 15 seconds.

Added 109 image photo set taken from "Disciplined Driver”

Added 88 video images taken from ‘Angry Wife’


11th February 2019

Added "Angry Wife"
Running time 14 minutes 23 seconds.

Added 94 image photo set entitled "Double Trouble”

Added 80 image photo set taken from "Angry Wife”


28th January 2019

Added "Spending Limits" Running time
16 minutes 3 seconds.

Added 88 image photo set entitled "Your Bottom Is Going To Pay For This"

Added 61 image photo set taken from "Spending Limits"


14th January 2019

Added "Cheating On His Wife"
Running time 21 minutes 1 second.

Added 108 video images taken from ‘Pushing The Limits’

Added 70 video images taken from ‘Cheating On His Wife’


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